This page is a “navigation” page where all the blog posts are categorized into separate topics.








One response to “WorldCollection

  1. Creating the commonplace book, I prefer the unorganized, additive version of the website, rather than an organized, navigable version. I thought the unorganized is simpler and more interesting to read. I find that when the website is unorganized, I get a “surprised” feeling because I do not know what to expect in the next blog. A blog should be something that is created by what the blogger feels at the moment rather than created by topics or categories. It is also more creative and artful when the blogs are just randomly posted. However, the categorized blogs can also be useful for many reasons as well. For example, when researching about a certain topic, a categorized blog page might be easier to look through rather than trying to search through every blog. Yet, I like the simple additive blog website more than an arranged blog website.

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