R.I.P Heath Ledger


my favorite! hehehe

rotten tomatoes!


One response to “memories

  1. I categorized the images found in memories because of the “Kodiak Moments” I had in my life so far. The first picture is a picture of me and my close friends on 18th birthday. It was chosen in this category for the impact it had on my life. In that picture I am with friends that I have known since birth but was separated from because of school and family issues. However, on my 18th birthday they got together and flew from various states to me to celebrate my 18th birthday with me. It may be cliché but it was a dream comes true. Another example of why I categorized these blog posts in the way they are is because of many childhood memories I have experienced. L’Oreal shampoo was my favorite shampoo as a little girl because of the cute design and the design of the bottle. Seeing it again flooded my mind with memories of when I was little and actually believed that it would be “tear-free”. I look back and laugh at myself for purposely allowing the shampoo suds to get on my eye and then cry for help.

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