I want these

Never say….

the book list…

olivia’s heartbreak acceptance

one day i’ll fly away

i wish i knew how to play the guitar.


I want coke!

J. Cole – Nobody’s Perfect

i hate when this happens…

spring mood


One response to “desires&thoughts

  1. In the topic of desires & thoughts, I listed blogs that I either wanted or pondered about. In the blog post, I want these, I posted a picture of Jordan shoes. I wanted those shoes for a while now, and I thought it fit into the category of desire. Another post, Never say…,. I posted a quotation that says, “Never say ‘That won’t happen to me.’ Life has a funny way of proving us wrong”. I thought about this quotation a lot because I felt that it can affect my actions in life. I also posted lyrics of a song that I personally enjoy and think about. Furthermore, in the blog post, the book list…., I listed books that I want to read in the future. In conclusion, this topic connects all the blog posts because these are the blog posts that I have either wanted or thought about.

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