what is the Illuminati?

art portfolio (not mine!)

biggest gummy bear ever!

conceptual design! AMAZING

watermelon sculpture!


One response to “conceptuality

  1. I made a category named “conceptuality” because some of the blog posts seemed bizarre and incredible. I thought this section had a unique variety of materials that I found were considered “uncommon”. For example, in my blog post, conceptual design! AMAZING, it will link to a website that has pictures of a “high-rise residential architecture”. The building is remarkable and makes the audience think about how the building is designed. Another blog post that I posted was what is the Illuminati?, and it links to a website that talks about the theory of Illuminati. I thought these two connected because they both makes the audience think about what could be out there in the real world. I thought the name conceptuality was perfect for summing up the main idea of all the items in this category.

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