absolutely unnecessary haha


favorite Will Farrell quote!


i choose you!

awww… how romantic!

this is the “american spirit”? ew.


One response to “comedy

  1. In my webpage, I posted many blogs that I found humorous; for the reason why I made a category for comedy. I posted a blog of Will Farrell’s quotation in a movie he was starring in, The Other Guys; it was a pretty popular line that many viewers thought was comical. I also found a cartoon on and posted a blog under the name LOL ?. I thought that this cartoon was odd and had no point what so ever; which made me laugh. There were also a couple facebook posts that I shared on my website. In the blog post, absolutely unnecessary haha, I took a snapshot of what my friend posted on his facebook. He posted a picture of a saying that went against girls. I also posted a picture of possible facebook icons that people might have requested, under the blog, possibility??. I found these posts hilarious because I felt that I could relate to how they felt when they posted these pictures up. Overall, these blog posts connect because they are collections that can possibly make people laugh and find enjoyment in.

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