french inspiration


hair bow.

fashion in japan is….

death over designer

hair tutorial



One response to “beauty&fashion

  1. I chose the topic beauty and fashion because there was a hair tutorial on how to achieve a bohemian style hair-do, a picture of a braided hair with a bow tie, and a beauty related article, and other fashion related blogs. I put these blogs posts together in one category because they all have something in common, which has to do with physical appearance of women and men. I thought this topic summed up the gist of all the materials in this category. In the blog post French Inspiration, I posted an article on how to dress like a French women. The article guides the reader step by step on what and how to wear a piece of clothing in a French inspired look. Again, relating to the topic, fashion. Another article I posted was about how people in Japan dress on an everyday base, where the fashion is quite unusual and out there. These two articles connect because they show similarity to the overall point, fashion. Also, there is a link on one of my blogs, where the article teaches the audience how to make ten natural beauty products at home; this post relates to beauty. I combined beauty related posts with the fashion related posts because the two topics are the most influential topics for many women all around the world. Additionally, I did not want to make two separate categories for beauty and fashion; I felt that the two topics were very closely related and that it was necessary to combine the two in order to save space for the sake of my webpage.

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